slimmer of the year

LIBBY TURNER (Ellenbrook C.W.L.C) LOST 31.9KG

Libby Turner commenced with Ellenbrook Community Weight Loss Club in 2019. It wasn’t until 2020 returning from Covid 19 outbreak in June 2020 that Libby really worked hard to lose her weight. Each week Libby would achieve the highest weight loss with-in the club, then she would win the Princess of the Month and Queen of 3 months over a period of 9 months. Libby was Slimmer of the Year for 2020-2021 losing 31.9kg.

VICKY ROCHFORD (Cannington W.W.) LOST 29.7KG

Vicki Rochford a very dedicated member of Cannington Weight Watchers. Vicki has been a member since before 1990

She was Slimmer of the Year in 1990/1991 losing 29 kilos. She has been with the club for all those years and in 2019-2020 Vicki was once again Slimmer of the Year losing 29.7kg. Vicki attends club meeting every week and is involved with the club.

EMMA BENNETT (Byford Night W.W.) LOST 29.9KG

I joined the Byford Night time club with the aim of losing weight to go on holidays. I came with my friends and was inspired by them and also the support of the ladies at the club. I ate a healthy diet and joined a gym. This taught me to eat healthy food and smaller amounts. I also got into a healthy lifestyle. In the 12 months I managed to lose 29.9kgs.


My weight loss journey commenced several years ago, when I joined the Greenwood Club.  The members have supported me though weight gains and loses without being judgmental.  This has kept me attending the meetings while trying to control my addiction to sugar.

I thought I had it under control 5 years ago but unfortunately I regained all of the weight I had lost over an 18 months period. 15 months ago my life changed, as with most people my age, changes occur and I needed to reevaluate what was really important in my life. I wanted to be healthy and happy and the spin off to this was loss of weight.

I changed my employment to a more hands on job and looked at my eating habits, losing quite a bit of weight by doing this. 6 months ago I commenced a gym program, not something I am excited about but it has improved my upper body strength.

Pauline and  Edna have inspired my journey and I have really appreciated the friendship and support I have received from members of our club. Thank you for having the confidence in me when at times I didn’t.

Jeanette Fraser 2018 Slimmer of The Year winner with a loss of 30.1kg

PAULINE GREEN (Greenwood W.W.) LOST 23.85KG

Hi my name is Pauline and I’m a 59-year-old mother of 4 and grandmother of 8. For most of my adult life I’ve struggled with my weight. Over the years, I’ve tried various weight loss programmes and fad diets but nothing ever seemed to give me long lasting results.

In 2016 my sister needed to lose weight and she asked if I would support her with her goal. I was more than happy to support my sister and figured if I could lose a little bit of weight myself then it might help with management of my Diabetes.

In March we joined Greenwood Weight Watchers and in 11 months I’ve lost 23.85kg. My sister has also lost weight and took on the role of chef for both of us. My family like to joke that since my sister started cooking for me I’ve lost weight so they’re not sure how good a job she is doing.

The Greenwood Weight Watchers has been instrumental in supporting me and providing the encouragement. Some of the key changes I have been able to implement are limiting processed food and switching to a “clean eating diet”. I’m also more aware of my portion control and the nutrition of the foods I eat. It’s also important to not deny myself the sweet things in life but recognise them as occasional treats not all the time treats.

My family have been a valuable support for me as they encourage me, help me with healthy alternatives at family gatherings and celebrating my success.

Through my journey, I’ve come to realise my weight loss hasn’t been about “a diet” instead it’s about adopting a healthy life style. I’m extremely proud of the results I have achieved. Not only have I lost the weight but my fitness has improved and my Diabetes levels are getting under control.

NAOMI ANDERSON (Forrestfield W.W.) LOST 21KG

Hi my name is Naomi and I’m so happy to be slimmer of the year for 2016. My weight loss journey has only really just begun for me and it hasn’t been this easiest journey so far. I have had so much support from my family especially my amazing mum Debbie and Aunty Robyne who push me come to club every week even if I’m having a bad week. I really can’t express how much they both mean to me and how proud I am to have them by my side through this journey.

I have lost 21kg in 23 weeks and I have pushed myself every week to walk further every day and eat as healthy as possible. I believe in low carbohydrate and no sugar. Meaning Eating like the cavemen did with only meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

I’m only doing this for me, my health and to one day walk down the Aisle feeling absolutely beautiful and comfortable. I set small goals and push myself to reach them. Even though sometimes I may not reach them I reassess and create a new goal pushing myself more than before.  I would like to thank Forrestfield Weight Watchers for getting me on the right track and for all those club members who support and inspire me each and every week.     Naomi Anderson

2nd Dana Quirk from Rockingham WW with a weight loss of 16.5kgs and  3rd  Marg Burns from Cannington WW with a loss of 16Kgs

KERRY (Maylands W.W.) LOST 33KG

Hi, my name is Kerry and I am the winner of the slimmer of the year for 2015. My weight loss for the year of the competition was 33 kilos.  Over 18 months my total loss was 51 kilos.  I had been a previous member of the Maylands club achieving a good weight loss before, having to leave the club due to work commitments. 10 years later and I had regained the weight I had lost. I was struggling to walk, stairs were a huge challenge and I could only walk around the shopping centre leaning on a trolley. Apart from this blood pressure was dangerously high and I was unwell. The trigger that sent me on my weight loss journey was a plane flight up north. The seat belt when l put it on was stretched to the limit and I realised that if I put on any more weight around my tummy I would have the shame of having to request an extension for the seat belt.

On my return I made the decision to return to the May lands club. I was welcomed back into the group with open arms, receiving lots of encouragement and support.

I used the awards within the club as a way I could achieves mall attainable goals allowing me a way to work toward my goal. I also counted calories and l kept a food diary which even went on holidays with me so l could keep track of what I was doing. There were times and still are when I struggle with the urge to binge eat. What keeps me on track is going to meetings and weighing in.

I am so happy I found the courage to go back and thank everybody in my club for their support.

2nd Place Awarded to Marie Young Forrestfield WW And Colleen Winter Cannington WW With a weight lossof 21.0 kg each


KAREN ITALIANO (Forrestfield W.W.) LOST 46KG

Forrestfield Weight Watchers Federation club member Karen Italiano lost an amazing 46 kilos to become the winner of the Slimmer of the Year 2014.
Karen has achieved this loss over a ten month period and is the first member of the Forrestfield club to win the title.  Karen’s life changing journey has been aided by the support of her family, friends and club members.  In particular, Aileen the president, who is an extremely inspiring lady.  “All the members have given such encouragement and support, it is very humbling” said Karen.
“I am absolutely ecstatic being able to walk into a regular boutique and buy something off the rack” she added.
Along with exercise and a healthier diet, Karen feels more energetic and motivated. She aims to maintain her new lifestyle and her goal weight.
The motivation behind this phenomenal weight loss was Karen’s type 2 diabetes, which had become out of control.  Her doctor warned her if she carried on, the way she was, she would need to go on insulin.  Karen had an awakening and decided to join WWF Forrestfield.  Her Mum, Del, a member of the club since March 2012 was herself a nominee for Slimmer of the Year 2013, achieving a commendable fourth place.  This family bond has played a huge part in Karen’s motivation and goals.




Dianella Weight Watchers Club member Margaret Pammenter lost a staggering 39 kilos and is the winner of our Slimmer of the Year for 2013. Margaret has lost over 100 kilos in the past 6 years and said how terrific it feels to be energetic again. She said her journey has “been very hard it’s difficult to be really good, there is never an easy day, but you have to change your mindset” Margaret has a saying that she repeats to herself often  ”  I will not buy or eat greasy, oily, sugary, white flouring foods.’ Will only eat live, raw, fresh foods.    She said,  say this often enough and it will sink in. Margaret also enjoys long walks most days, a far cry from not so long ago when she had trouble walking to the letterbox. The support she receives from her Federation Club has been very important she always felt comfortable attending the weekly meetings and encouraged everyone who needs to lose weight to hear the words in the pledge that members recite at their local community based Weight Watchers Clubs


2012 Weight Watchers Federation (WA Inc) Slimmer of the Year lost 37kg during the 12 months competition period. Jennifer Finnigan, who has lost over 66kg in total, is a member of the Rockingham Club.
Jennifer said she had to get into the right head space before starting her weight loss journey. In the past she had tried many diets and other weight loss organisations but often did it all wrong, exercising too much and eating too little which lead to being burnt out and not feeling happy nor healthy. But with the help and encouragement of the members of the not for profit community based Weight Watchers Federation club she was encouraged to eat and exercise in a healthy way. Jennifer said she was “very grateful for the support she received from the club and other members. The Federation gives tips and helpful advise and some of the special guests that come along to our meeting are very informative and helpful. We are able to voice our concern and questions about our weight loss and these are answered or someone is always willing to research the answer”.
“My journey is not over yet, as I still have a little more to lose but I hope to reach my graduation weight this year and stay there”.