Cheryl – Cannington Weight Watchers

Hi, I joined Cannington Weight Watchers way back in 1998. At that time I weighted 91.2kgs. I told myself that was it, no more weight on.
It was great to know that I was not alone! The members at Cannington gave me the support I needed and I graduated in July, 2004 weighing 76.2kgs.
I made a promise to myself to try walking 30 minutes every day. I am still walking most days for 30-45 minutes inside our house. I go through the kitchen, dining room, hall, lounge room and change direction every 5 minutes. This is my time each day.
After a visit to the doctors a short time ago I found I has lost a little height, which meant I had to loose 3 more kgs. I have now achieved that and weigh 73kgs. I find walking each day takes away my stress, helps me think clearer and I stay fit and healthy.
I know I need the support I receive from Cannington Weight Watchers Federation and attend every week. I have an exercise book that I write any relevant information gained at the club.
I found that you must be kind to yourself and remember the three ‘P’ words – Patience – Persistence – Perseverance.
Lose weight slowly and it will help you to keep it off. I can now eat most foods in moderations, but still need to be aware of my downfalls, which are ice cream, cake, biscuits and chocolate.
If you need to lose weight I recommend you join your local Weight Watchers Federation group.
In 2010 I received a Loyalty Badge from our president. The president and committee do a great job at our club and I would like to thank them for the supportive club they run at Cannington.