Make a mark on Everest:

“Thursday 26th October 7.45pm – Sleeping at Gorak Shep 5288m

Its been a big day today and I cant remember the walk here in the morning, can only recall this afternoons/evenings efforts – coming into our camp in the dark, just after 6pm having been to Everest Base Camp….it has been an emotional afternoon…along with talking in my head to Roger, Mum and Dad, Tamara, the gang at weight watchers and walking group I have been questioning my sanity….this afternoon really took the wind out of me and I would not have been able to go another step…but I have made it, we all made it… I am LIVING THE DREAM”
These are extracts from my diary written in my little orange tent with the temperature falling to minus 15 degrees and after walking 10 hours.  I was exhausted. Prior to my leaving I referred to my little adventure holiday as a walk up a hill, it was far from it.  It was physically hard work.  I had been in training for a year and was so pleased I hadn’t done a minutes less exercise.  It also made me look into my soul and back again.  It was a humbling and rewarding and an amazing experience.  The Himalayas in the Everest region are remarkable, the mountains are so special – I have been told my photos look like postcards and of course Mt Everest is so special.  I have seen her from many angles, in different light and she is just so beautiful.  The Nepalese people are gentle and kind and without their help us sea level folk would have found it so much more challenging.
During the months prior to my leaving my club, Swan Bassendean, had organised a competition where every member earned steps to ‘climb Everest’ which ended on the eve of my departure.  I was presented with a flag, made by a  weight watchers club member to carry up.  I was very proud to leave my club flag flying in the breeze, attached to some prayer flags at the base camp glazier.  I only wonder what people thought when they saw that a Western Australian Weight Watchers Federation club had been there.