Pat Heatley and Pat Warren

We are happy to announce that two of our members have recently graduated, and in the same week too!
Pat Heatley has lost 7.8kg. She has been a member of our club for about 10 years and said it has taken her a long time to reach her graduation weight and she can’t believe she has finally graduated.
Pat Warren joined our club in 2011 and was our club entrant for Slimmer of the Year for 2011. She reached her graduate weight after losing 12.1kg.
Well done to both ladies!
It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to lose your weight just as long as you take that first step. It’s a challenge, we all know, but with support from our fellow members it can be achieved. Many members have said that by weighing in each week, it has made them more aware of how they are going with their weight loss.