2012 Weight Watchers Federation (WA Inc) Slimmer of the Year lost 37kg during the 12 months competition period. Jennifer Finnigan, who has lost over 66kg in total, is a member of the Rockingham Club.
Jennifer said she had to get into the right head space before starting her weight loss journey. In the past she had tried many diets and other weight loss organisations but often did it all wrong, exercising too much and eating too little which lead to being burnt out and not feeling happy nor healthy. But with the help and encouragement of the members of the not for profit community based Weight Watchers Federation club she was encouraged to eat and exercise in a healthy way. Jennifer said she was “very grateful for the support she received from the club and other members. The Federation gives tips and helpful advise and some of the special guests that come along to our meeting are very informative and helpful. We are able to voice our concern and questions about our weight loss and these are answered or someone is always willing to research the answer”.
“My journey is not over yet, as I still have a little more to lose but I hope to reach my graduation weight this year and stay there”.