Forrestfield Weight Watchers Federation club member Karen Italiano lost an amazing 46 kilos to become the winner of the Slimmer of the Year 2014.
Karen has achieved this loss over a ten month period and is the first member of the Forrestfield club to win the title.  Karen’s life changing journey has been aided by the support of her family, friends and club members.  In particular, Aileen the president, who is an extremely inspiring lady.  “All the members have given such encouragement and support, it is very humbling” said Karen.
“I am absolutely ecstatic being able to walk into a regular boutique and buy something off the rack” she added.
Along with exercise and a healthier diet, Karen feels more energetic and motivated. She aims to maintain her new lifestyle and her goal weight.
The motivation behind this phenomenal weight loss was Karen’s type 2 diabetes, which had become out of control.  Her doctor warned her if she carried on, the way she was, she would need to go on insulin.  Karen had an awakening and decided to join WWF Forrestfield.  Her Mum, Del, a member of the club since March 2012 was herself a nominee for Slimmer of the Year 2013, achieving a commendable fourth place.  This family bond has played a huge part in Karen’s motivation and goals.