Hi, my name is Kerry and I am the winner of the slimmer of the year for 2015. My weight loss for the year of the competition was 33 kilos.  Over 18 months my total loss was 51 kilos.  I had been a previous member of the Maylands club achieving a good weight loss before, having to leave the club due to work commitments. 10 years later and I had regained the weight I had lost. I was struggling to walk, stairs were a huge challenge and I could only walk around the shopping centre leaning on a trolley. Apart from this blood pressure was dangerously high and I was unwell. The trigger that sent me on my weight loss journey was a plane flight up north. The seat belt when l put it on was stretched to the limit and I realised that if I put on any more weight around my tummy I would have the shame of having to request an extension for the seat belt.

On my return I made the decision to return to the May lands club. I was welcomed back into the group with open arms, receiving lots of encouragement and support.

I used the awards within the club as a way I could achieves mall attainable goals allowing me a way to work toward my goal. I also counted calories and l kept a food diary which even went on holidays with me so l could keep track of what I was doing. There were times and still are when I struggle with the urge to binge eat. What keeps me on track is going to meetings and weighing in.

I am so happy I found the courage to go back and thank everybody in my club for their support.

2nd Place Awarded to Marie Young Forrestfield WW And Colleen Winter Cannington WW With a weight lossof 21.0 kg each