Hi my name is Naomi and I’m so happy to be slimmer of the year for 2016. My weight loss journey has only really just begun for me and it hasn’t been this easiest journey so far. I have had so much support from my family especially my amazing mum Debbie and Aunty Robyne who push me come to club every week even if I’m having a bad week. I really can’t express how much they both mean to me and how proud I am to have them by my side through this journey.

I have lost 21kg in 23 weeks and I have pushed myself every week to walk further every day and eat as healthy as possible. I believe in low carbohydrate and no sugar. Meaning Eating like the cavemen did with only meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

I’m only doing this for me, my health and to one day walk down the Aisle feeling absolutely beautiful and comfortable. I set small goals and push myself to reach them. Even though sometimes I may not reach them I reassess and create a new goal pushing myself more than before.  I would like to thank Forrestfield Weight Watchers for getting me on the right track and for all those club members who support and inspire me each and every week.     Naomi Anderson

2nd Dana Quirk from Rockingham WW with a weight loss of 16.5kgs and  3rd  Marg Burns from Cannington WW with a loss of 16Kgs