Hi my name is Pauline and I’m a 59-year-old mother of 4 and grandmother of 8. For most of my adult life I’ve struggled with my weight. Over the years, I’ve tried various weight loss programmes and fad diets but nothing ever seemed to give me long lasting results.

In 2016 my sister needed to lose weight and she asked if I would support her with her goal. I was more than happy to support my sister and figured if I could lose a little bit of weight myself then it might help with management of my Diabetes.

In March we joined Greenwood Weight Watchers and in 11 months I’ve lost 23.85kg. My sister has also lost weight and took on the role of chef for both of us. My family like to joke that since my sister started cooking for me I’ve lost weight so they’re not sure how good a job she is doing.

The Greenwood Weight Watchers has been instrumental in supporting me and providing the encouragement. Some of the key changes I have been able to implement are limiting processed food and switching to a “clean eating diet”. I’m also more aware of my portion control and the nutrition of the foods I eat. It’s also important to not deny myself the sweet things in life but recognise them as occasional treats not all the time treats.

My family have been a valuable support for me as they encourage me, help me with healthy alternatives at family gatherings and celebrating my success.

Through my journey, I’ve come to realise my weight loss hasn’t been about “a diet” instead it’s about adopting a healthy life style. I’m extremely proud of the results I have achieved. Not only have I lost the weight but my fitness has improved and my Diabetes levels are getting under control.