My weight loss journey commenced several years ago, when I joined the Greenwood Club.  The members have supported me though weight gains and loses without being judgmental.  This has kept me attending the meetings while trying to control my addiction to sugar.

I thought I had it under control 5 years ago but unfortunately I regained all of the weight I had lost over an 18 months period. 15 months ago my life changed, as with most people my age, changes occur and I needed to reevaluate what was really important in my life. I wanted to be healthy and happy and the spin off to this was loss of weight.

I changed my employment to a more hands on job and looked at my eating habits, losing quite a bit of weight by doing this. 6 months ago I commenced a gym program, not something I am excited about but it has improved my upper body strength.

Pauline and  Edna have inspired my journey and I have really appreciated the friendship and support I have received from members of our club. Thank you for having the confidence in me when at times I didn’t.

Jeanette Fraser 2018 Slimmer of The Year winner with a loss of 30.1kg